A Star Maths sessions are run in groups with a maximum of 8 students per class. Students are taught individually and their lessons are personally tailored.

While one student is being taught, the others are practising what they have learnt and answering questions. Students receive the same amount of ‘teach’ time as private lessons, which is why we’ve progressed over the last 10 years from private sessions to group classes. The tutor is helping other students instead of waiting while the students are completing their questions.

Group sessions help to get the best out of the students. They encourage each other, make friends and it is motivating to see others doing well, which helps many students to push themselves further. Group classes usually create a friendly atmosphere and the students feel much comfortable.

We can also arrange private sessions depending on our availability. However success rate in group sessions is way higher than the success rate in private sessions.

There are one hour or two hour group sessions. We recommend two hour classes for the students who are in grade 7-12. Some students might need to come more than once a week depending on their level and goals.

We have sessions on weekdays from 4pm to 10pm and weekends from 8am to 9pm. Please click here to find out the available spots.

There are also availabilities during school hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for university, distance education and mature-age students.

We can also arrange extra sessions for “emergency” cases for our regular students who come to tuition weekly basis. A Star Maths students can always send an email to us to ask their questions. They don’t have to wait till their class time.

Please note that Cansu does not travel to students’ homes for tutoring.